"There's not an idea in our heads that has not been worn shiny by someone else's brains."

- Woodrow Wilson
The Factor168 Pen

Live Communications


The total number of white pips in a standard domino set is 168.

Now we are not huge fans of playing dominos, not that there is anything wrong with that, but what we really like is standing them on their short ends in long winding ornate rows. And with one single focused tap – they collapse on top of each other with potentially spectacular results.

The effect of a really well thought out and executed event experience is not unlike a deck of dominos tiles tumbling. This is the unique power of live communications. You have the ability to reach out and touch, really touch, an individual who in turn passes their unique and highly personalised experience to their colleagues, friends, family and they in turn do the same. Dominos toppling.

So what are the elements that FACTOR168 Creative Event Company employs to ensure the dominos topple when and where we want on behalf of our clients needs.

Strategic Development
Research: For us to deliver an effective solution, we first need to have a deep understanding of the host company. Its culture, the product or service offering, the market it operates within, the brand personality, and the targeted clienteles perceptions and aspirations.

Project premise established and key strategic objectives are identified and validated.
Armed with the above, we develop an overreaching theme, a distinct event identity and begin to develop solutions that fit within the scope of the brief.

Creative Concept
Through brainstorming and chasing our muse, a creative platform is developed, the event story is developed and in turn the overall creative concept, design guide and strategic gameplan are formalised.

Effective Supplier Negotiation and Partnering
Mission Critical Risk Management
Sound Financial Management and Reporting

Program Development
Agenda design including Program and Content Development
Entertainment: Selection, Contracting, Onsite Stage Management of celebrities, on-air talent, musicians, models, sports figures, roving performers, headline and international performing artists.
Speaker Selection, Contracting, Preparation and Coaching
Comprehensive Visual Design including Set and Environmental Manufacture and Construction, Printed Collateral, Signage, and Event-wide Branding
To-Screen Content development including video and digital media production
Soundtrack development
Venue Selection, Contracting, and Site Management
Innovative Systems Integration

Production Management
Turn-key Technical Event Production Comprehensive Technical Production
Show Calling and Stage Management, Celebrity and VIP wrangling
Food and Beverage Presentation Design and Service Management
Optimized Partner and Supplier Management, Comprehensive Logistics Support
Captivating Styling and Featured Décor – floral artistry services, event site transformation, conversation starter centrepieces, beautiful table napery, featured entrances

Exhibition Enhancement

We drive traffic and keep energies high at your tradeshow by engaging a combination of physical design values and creative entertainment programming and av broadcasting

Additional Consultation & Premium Services
Customized and Unique Gifts, Room-Drops, Bag Distribution
Audience Acquisition
– pre-purchased lists, A list & C-Type
& Press Conference Onsite Management
: Airport, Hotel & Event Site Greeters, Event Concierge, Butler Service
Destination Management
: Travel, Pre/Post Touring Options and Introductions
Guest Management
; master seating lists, guest ticketing, invitations, teaser campaigns, gift bag distribution
Team Building
– mind-body-spirit, break down barriers, building better communication
– Selected FACTOR168 certified Third Party Suppliers of quality
Data Capture and Measurement
: To complement the metrics employed by our clients to gauge the effectiveness of an event, we also undertake our own assessments including regular production meetings, pre-event briefings, post show interviews, and spot event evaluations.

The team at FACTOR168 Creative Event Company* provide expertise in creative and strategic direction, innovative design, and motivational live program development, and are well regarded for their immersive environment sensibilities and their affinity for creating and activating authentic brand identities.

Turning events into Very special events and creative brand experiences.

*Domino topplers extraordinaire.