“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth”

- John F. Kennedy
The Factor168 Pen

Immersive Environments

At FACTOR168 Creative Event Company we bring to life your business and your value proposition in a way that audiences and customers will understand, appreciate and embrace.

We immerse ourselves in your business until we understand the essence of your company’s purpose, values and personality and how this can be effectively transposed to the live communication arena.

We achieve this in part by creating potent immersive environments.

An immersive environment can be designed and created not only for traditional event spaces – a themed Gala or a strongly branded plenary session, but can also be deployed in any area that exposes you to your clients and prospective clients. For example, for a number of clients we have created a distinct immersive environment within their exhibitions and tradeshows to drive attendance and provide a staged focal point.

These same experiential principals and aesthetic design values we employ can also be applied to re-imagining a refreshing retail concept store experience, or perhaps making a strong experiential statement within an office workspace. Perhaps dedicated brainstorming meeting spaces or an impressive must-visit interactive lobby.

The applications are broad and we love the challenge. The theatre of business in practice and brand in action.

As part of our own immersive environment setting (just before you whip over to youtube or facebook that is), we’d like to share some gems of knowledge that we’ve picked up over the past two decades that you may find of interest when considering your next live communication project.

  • The totally expected & totally acceptable = the totally forgettable. Everytime.
  • Surprising, interesting, and fearless environments should be celebrated.
  • If everyone is thinking the same – someone is not really thinking at all.
  • If you’ve always done what you’ve done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got. Well up until you go out of business that is. Seriously – evolve.
  • People have short attention spans…. where was I… one clear compelling message is more powerful and effective than 100 competing messages. Simplicity and consistency is the goal.
  • Creativity is all but a useless exercise in self-love unless it is appropriate.
  • Good enough is… simply not enough. No bonus points awarded for attendance.
  • Visible Return on Investment. No one really cares about how you got here, the trials and tribulations involved in staging an event experience, they just want the experience. So with that in mind, ensure all the functional requirements are all well covered for but spend the majority of your resources on the things that really matter for maximum effect and return – the visible sensory elements that directly engage and enthrall your clients.
  • “A failure to communicate”. This is not the responsibility of the receiver.
  • Business jargon obscures meaning. It just becomes white noise. Avoid it.
  • If you don’t say who you are, others certainly will. They are doing it now…
  • You can’t be all things to all people nor should you be. We certainly are not.

By employing the above gems along with our expert showcraft techniques and styling sensibilities – a strong immersive environment can be achieved. The event experience staged in this environment would be on-brand, consistent, sensory rich, and would encourage a sense of enthralled discovery and wonder by guests.

FACTOR168 Creative Event Company is all about designing and delivery world class bespoke events and engaging experiences set within interactively rich immersive environment that are unmatched by traditional marketing and event management practices.