“If the shoe fits, get another one just like it.”

- Guru Gavin
The Factor168 Pen

Event Showcraft


我听见 我忘记; 我看见 我记住; 我做 我了解。

(pinyin: wǒ tīng jiàn wǒ wàng jì. wǒ kàn jiàn wǒ jì zhù. wǒ zuò wǒ liǎo jiě)

The above is an ancient Chinese saying that we feel underpins the essence of FACTOR168 Creative Event Company and the showcraft that we bring to all our event experiences.

It translates as “Telling me and I [will] forget. Showing me and I [will] remember. Involving me and I [will] understand.”

Effective messaging, the development and extension of powerful brand relationships, influencing mindset change, and importantly motivating desirable post-event action can only ever be acquired through the provision of distinctly personal and shared experiences that reach out and involve the audience.

That’s the special power of live communication and it is what we do best.

The generation of powerful experiences that involve and engage require strong strategic and tactical showcraft fundamentals for assured success. FACTOR168 provides this with our storytelling driven showcraft expertise.

The strategic dimension is governed by our process of determining the overall premise of the event. Identifying the key organizational objectives associated with the event that needs to be commercially addressed. Armed with this information, we make an assessment on how to best appeal and motivate the target audience with these objectives firmly in mind. This process of discovery concludes with a clear understanding of what we’d like guests to do post-event and how we best motivate this action through the event experience.

In a nutshell: what do we know about the guests, what do want them to feel, what do we want them to do. This know, feel, do strategic understanding provides a roadmap for the event structure and tactical delivery.

The tactical showcraft tools we employ are the ‘flow and block’. (Admittedly it sounds better if you adopt a martial arts position when saying it but that is optional).

In essence, how do we go actually about delivering on the event experience promise and how best to focus all event elements in support of the event ‘know, feel, do’ strategy.

We build on the on-brand on-message story, identify the meaningful emotional touchpoints for the audience, and develop a program peppered with memorable magic moments or the ‘sizzle’. We determine how the event experience unfolds from an audience perspective.

What happens then and now, how do they all link. This is the flow of the show and this is delivering on the promise of an experience made to the audience.

With the show flow to hand, we then block the event out.
This is where we crystallize the event requirements in terms of production, speakers/entertainment deployment, unique styling and décor applications, site/stage management and showcalling. The show block enables us to better optimize production techniques and appeal to the power of the five senses in delivering a powerful and cohesive event experience.

The block allows us to bring to bear all of our considerable showcraft expertise in the creation of an event experience that actively engages and involves. This can involve layered and burst soundscapes, mood changing lighting states, visual cues, to-screen support, appealing staging elements, but above all – it tackles mission critical timing and rhythm of the event. The telling of the story.

We call it business theatre or if you prefer corporate theatre.

As a Creative Event Company – it is our strong event showcraft techniques and processes that enable us to engage, to involve, to educate, and to entertain audiences by drawing on the rich traditions of theatre artfully married with the business of commerce.