"I have opinions of my own, strong opinions, but I don't always agree with them"

- George W Bush
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Brand-In-Action Audit


The business landscape is in a constant state of flux. Insight is needed.

What worked yesterday may be obsolete tomorrow. The market is a fickle creature with consumers sensitive and ever more demanding. Delivery and communication channels are constantly evolving. Trends and tastes are often only predicted after the fact and yet… there are those organizations that stand apart from the pack.

These successful prosperous organizations, regardless of scale, share a common trait – they project strong brand personalities. Nurtured by a genuine culture that embraces evolutionary change, they possess a strong sense of purpose and appeal captured and expressed through their distinct brand personality.

Understanding how your brand presents and performs, the mercurial relationships it enjoys and attracts, the values it projects and the appeal it elicits are all mission critical in terms of ensuring future growth and ongoing mindspace relevance. This is where we can help. FACTOR168 Creative Event Company offers a means of better comprehension of how your brand is performing in action – in real practical terms.

Our brand-in-action service provides independent and illuminating feedback from brand experienced experts as we audit your brand personality within your internal organizational setting, retail and or corporate environments, and specifically within the context of your live communication programs.

The objective is simple. The brand-in-action audit in effect holds the proverbial mirror to your brand and reveals what is, not what should be or hoped for. We provide insight into our brand performance, how it is being presented, how your customers and staff are engaging with it, how it translates across various sales channels. We identify areas of for improvement along with potential optimization and growth opportunities.

As you would expect, the scope of each brand-in-action audit is determined by your specific needs and expectations. Following a detailed needs based consultation – we’ll craft an audit strategy that specifically addresses your brand needs, concerns and curiosities.

For example, an event specific audit can encompass an assessment of the entire event cycle from strategic program development, to pre-event invitation and registration process, through to post-event sales follow-ups. Alternatively you may prefer that we concentrate our live communications expertise on auditing and profiling the actual event design and delivery in a more fundamental tactical sense.

In this case we focus our considerable industry expertise on assessing site and show branding. We make assessments on the appropriateness and effectiveness of the program flow and content. How effective the event environment impact is, we address production competency and applied showcraft skills, and of course most importantly we assess how effective ultimately the event experience may be in terms of being both on-brand, on-message, and audience impact.

Extending on our business theatre expertise, our brand-in-action audits are also extremely effective and meaningful when applied within retail settings and organizational premises. Here we focus on how the brand values are expressed in overall service levels and mission critical sensory driven presentation styles. Customer perceptions and engagement are reviewed along with merchandising appearance and point of sales effectiveness.

Due to numerous requests, we now also offer a competitive market snapshot service that audits what your key competitors brands are doing well, the areas they are underperforming, and the opportunities this affords you.

Brand-in-action audits ensure that the integrity of your brand personality and identity at your place of business and within your live communication programs is –

on-brand, on-message, optimized, effective, engaging, & evolving.