"To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk."

- Thomas A Edison
The Factor168 Pen

Scope of Services

Girl plaing violin

We produce special events and brand experiences with impact.

The scope of our professional services embraces strategic thinking, creative concept development, world class tactical event production and peerless experiential management.

We think, we consider, we create, we share and we always deliver.

Innovative events and experiences that motivate a desired action or response as part of either a highly targeted B2B business to business communication strategy or for broader B2C business to consumer marketing campaigns.

The scope of services we offer is determined largely by you, our client, require and where we think we can best contribute to the success of your live communications program, you associated business objectives and your operational needs. It can be a full comprehensive turn-key service or specialist event specific services.

  • Conference, Congress and Summits
  • Internal Meetings and Incentive Events Series
  • Product Launches, Opening Celebrations, and Premieres
  • Prestigious Award Ceremonies and Gala Dinners
  • Multi-Site, Multi-City National and International Roadshows
  • Multi-tiered Events such as Concerts, Festivals and Public Events
  • Engaging On-Message and FUN Teambuilding
  • Networking Functions and High Value VIP Events
  • Exhibition and Trade Show Enhancement Programs
  • Experiential Marketing Communications
  • Brand Elevation and Awareness
  • Technical Event Production including Show Calling
  • Very Special Event Management
  • Project Scale – from a few, to many many thousands

We communicate thoughts, facts and feelings, of hopes and aspirations.
Through face to face experiences and across a variety of supporting mediums we communicate in a way that informs, motivates and inspires our audiences.

Our service scope entails delivering everything from the very broad stroke big picture to the smallest of details. From the abstract to the concrete. Our capabilities transcend geography and just as our creativity and passion has no respect for artificial and preconceived boundaries.

Any amateur can work outside the square.

We believe that you have to be really creative and commercially savvy to produce sensational events and experiences that are on-brand and on-message and within the square.

And at the risk of speaking in cliches, we really do push the envelope but we never ever lose our grip.

Naturally we welcome the opportunity to meet with you, put faces to names, discuss your needs in greater detail and see how the FACTOR168 Creative Event Company team can best assist you. We might even wear capes if we have to.

FACTOR168 Creative Event Company creates, innovates, motivates.