“It is best not to swap horses while crossing the river.”

- Abe Lincoln
The Factor168 Pen

Green Factor

The GREEN Factor in action at FACTOR168 Creative Event Company

  • printing
    • Does it really need to be printed?
    • print double sided where possible
    • use paper with maximum recycled content
    • use refillable toner and ink cartridges
  • computers
    • switch off monitors when going to lunch or meetings
    • set display to power saving setting
    • turn computers/printers off at the end of the day
    • employ laptops that consume up to 90% less energy than desktops
  • waste
    • recycle office waste (paper, toner cartridges, glass)
    • reuse paper that has only one side printed
    • established recycling stations
    • avoid recycling contamination
    • use washable coffee cups
    • buy recycled office furniture and refurbished items
  • communication
    • encourage communication via email
    • all invoices are issued as a .pdf and emailed
    • employ instant messaging, Skype, VOIP, and videoconferencing
  • water
    • reduced water in our toilet reservoir (we have placed 2 water filled glass jars in each toilet, reducing the water used per flush by about 2 litres)
    • fully fitted with water efficient taps, flow control valves and aerators.
  • power
    • buy renewable certified GreenPower energy
    • switched to solar energy for hot water
    • all light bulbs are energy efficient
    • set aircon to a maximum of 24 degrees in summer and 18 degrees in winter
    • open windows whenever possible and turn aircon off in office and car
    • layout of office maximizes use of sunlight through windows and skylights
  • travel
    • use E10 biofuel – features 10% renewable ethanol
    • all domestic flights are carbon offset
    • all flights are scheduled as point to point direct whereever possible
    • all meetings and flights are reduced or consolidated where possible
    • Use of public transport and taxi sharing, whenever possible and practical.
  • Green events
    • proactively do what we can to reduce the environmental impact of events by buying locally and choosing energy-efficient and environmental aware venues
    • offer clients the opportunity to purchase renewable energy/GreenPower and offsetting remaining emissions for all or part of an events estimated carbon footprint.
    • Work closely with customers to identify ways in which together we can improve awareness of and impact on the environment.
    • work with suppliers and partners to ensure that they in turn give thought and consideration to the impact of their processes and products on the environment.

In addition to the above, FACTOR168 Creative Event Company regularly conducts environmental audits to ensure our operations are complaint with relevant local environmental regulations, licenses and legislations… and of course we also make a point of practicing good common sense.

We are continuously looking at best practice means of improving the environmental performance of the company and the projects we undertake on behalf of our clients.

This is the Green Factor of FACTOR168. Friends, colleagues, partners, and valued clients – please feel free to adapt and adopt to your heart’s content. We did and do.

Oh, and in case you were wondering – this website has been fully carbon offset.