"Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

- Winston Churchill
The Factor168 Pen

Global Citizen

About Factor168

FACTOR168 Creative Event Company is all about EVENTS and EXPERIENCES.

Creative, innovative, motivational events and experiences.

We believe in the power of live communications.
In its ability to touch our audiences in a very personal sense – to engage the mind and heart, to promote change, to activate behaviour.

yes, commercial realities always remain critically important, but your efforts to engage your audiences in your events need to reach above the bottom-line. And that’s where FACTOR168 can help. We make your commercial goals into personal and memorable experiences.

Memorable and sensory rich experiences that tell a story- on-brand and on-message that is personally meaningful. It is this targeted personal engagement, and interactive dimension, found within the events that we design and produce that makes them so very effective.

FACTOR168 Creative Event Company express this personal engagement within our world as both a business and as a collection of passionate global citizens – through our Green Factor, our Professional Factor, and our High Care factor.

Our professional factor is all encompassing.

It is what makes us so very good at what we do.

We are great advocates for maintaining our professional knowledge and edge through ongoing formal education. Sharpening the saw through daily immersion of current trends and best practices, and being strong advocates for the live communication industry through a number of peak representative associations.

Not only are we highly regarded professionally – the team is also renowned for their high care factor. Our care factor is set to maximum on all our projects on behalf of our clients and partners. We endeavour to bring this same care, this same focused passion and energy to our broader community through our philanthropy.

It is not enough to think positive thoughts and affirmations, actions are always far more effective. We pride ourselves on the fact that we walk our talk.

Our green policy is not complicated and nor should it be.
In fact it would be fair to say that it is no way Earth shattering but… we think that through consistent incremental changes, fore-thought, the proactive application of personal and organizational responsibility and care – it could, in its own little way – be Earth changing.

FACTOR168 Creative Event Company respects its social and physical environment. We love our world, we are passionate about our industry, and we care for our community, and we are committed to doing as much as we can as best as we can – every single day and in every single way.

We are proud global citizens.