“Time is what keeps everything from happening at once.”

- Guru Gavin
The Factor168 Pen

Frequently Asked Question

We are often asked –

“So what’s that all about then… this FACTOR… 168?”

Business to Business and Business to Employees - We provide the special event connection that sparks communication results - FACTOR168 Creative Event Company

The simple answer is –

FACTOR168 is a Creative Event Company. We provide the secret ingredient – the ‘X’ factor if you will – that makes a special event a VERY special event.

When added to the communication mix, regardless of the channel, FACTOR168 Creative Event Company and our ability to be creative, innovative, and to motivate, allows for a greater degree of meaningful personal engagement of attendees and in turn a higher degree of successful message delivery and desired post-event action.

“Sure okay, I hear you – so FACTOR168 as a creative event company is the something special but anything meaningful about the actual name itself or did you just like the feel of it?”

Yes and …well… yes. Yes we like the feel of the name… makes us feel scientific brainiacs and yet not. But we also like the meaning behind the word Factor and the symbolism of the 168 number combination. Come on, follow us and we’ll show.

1. The ‘FACTOR’ – actively contributes to the production of a result

Main Entry: 1fac·tor Pronunciation:\ˈfak-tər\ Function:noun

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French facteur, from Latin factor doer, from facere Date:15th century

1: one who acts or transacts business for another: as a: broker 1b b: one that lends money to producers and dealers (as on the security of accounts receivable) 2 a (1): one that actively contributes to the production of a result : ingredient<price wasn’t a factor in the decision> (2): a substance that functions in or promotes the function of a particular physiological process or bodily system.

2. The ‘168’ or ‘It is Prosperous
The number ‘168’ is a very auspicious number within Chinese culture – as it happens, FACTOR168 Creative Event Company has extensive experience working with Chinese companies and target audiences.
In Chinese each number has a direct associated meaning –


easy and smooth, all the way

sudden fortune, prosperity

When combined, it is a very favorable number in business. ‘168’ represents the ‘road or path to prosperity’ and that surely can’t be a bad thing for us or our valued clients as we guide them along their own paths to prosperity.

As a sidenote — it comes as no surprise that throughout China many premium-pay telephone numbers begin with this number and a motel chain has claimed it as it’s own (Motel 168). Interesting.

3. The ‘168’ – it is Timely
We like this one. The total number of hours in a full seven day week is (cue drum roll) …that’s right – 168! On reflection that’s not really that many hours that we all have to play with. Subtract sleeping, commuting, domestic chores, family pursuits…. now we have very little hours and that’s why we are so very precious with our time and that of our clients, partners and suppliers.

Time is always in short supply. You can’t bank it, there are no refunds, and we really don’t want it squandered, and we certainly don’t want to waste yours so at FACTOR168 Creative Event Company we are quick to the breifing point, quick to respond, and very focused in what we do and how we go about doing it.

With that in mind, we are flattered and deeply appreciative that you’ve taken some time to view and consider our web offering. Thank you – we hope your enjoying it.