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Evolution of Mu$ic

Evolution of Mu$ic

The last post within Muse (yeah we know, in recent times – one a month based on youtube videos is pretty slack. We promise to get our act together once we get a spare moment to scratch!) a great video documenting the evolution of music.

This got us to thinking about the actual evolution of the business of music.

And as browsing fate would have it, thank you google, we came across this sensational video that explores… wait for it… cue drum roll… the… wait… for… it… the-evolution-of-music Bam!

We hope you really enjoy this video as much as we have. The great overlay graphics, trivia bubbles, and a vibe setting soundtrack don’t hurt the cause.

So go on – hit play and find out how expensive singing “Happy Birthday” can be and how much freakin’ money Dr Dre made from his Beats headphones (we personally prefer the overear Bose but there you go).

Source Notes: The video is hosted on youtube and produced by Simply Zesty an online socia media and PR outfit… and makers of pretty cool videos. The thumbnail graphic is sourced from a website that no longer exists…

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