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Vendor Client Behaviour in the Real World and a Few Good Creative Men

Vendor Client Behaviour in the Real World and a Few Good Creative Men

The ‘Vendor Client’ video has been around for sometime, half a million viewers in it’s first 14 days being posted some two years ago but it still resonates as strongly today as it did back then. Perhaps understandably this is the case more so with freelancers, SMEs and boutique outfits such as us then the bigger boys. It comes down to a question of cash flow and polite business etiquette I reckon.

A quick straw poll amongst the FACTOR’y team and with our highly valued vendor partners reveals that we have ALL experience all three of these scenarios more than once in our working life.

‘We didn’t budget for this’, ‘Cheaper at the Taco stand’, ‘I’ll pay for the highlights next time, for now just throw them in for now’, ‘I’m not making any mone on this either,you gotta help me out… this is not a challenge it’s an opportunity’, ‘I can cover your hard costs but that’s as far as I can go’, ‘Show us how you did it so we can do it inhouse next time’

Oh man… Still better to laugh than weep.

A number of comments attached to the above youtube clip that extend on the frustrations of this odd vendor/client relationship –

“I don’t have any money, but it will look great on your reel.”

“missing the part where they don’t pay the invoice for 3 months because it’s “company policy”!

” “What do you mean i need to pay for this addition? i already paid you once for that project and i paid a lot of money”

Look the reality is – if someone pays for a service or a product they are customers. Pay on time and as agreed – they are highly valued customers you’ll move heaven and earth for.

If they do not pay, or short-pay, they are indeed a lot of things but a valued customer they are not.

It’s not unreasonable for vendor partners to expect to be paid fairly and in a timely fashion for their contributions, their time and effort, their creative strategic or tactical services. Conversely, clients should expect the level and quality of service or product they have contracted for. Let’s not be haters people – let’s just be reasonable and aim for a win-win situation everytime.

Okay. Unexpected commercial sermon from the digital pulpit finished.

Let’s close this post out with this great gem we’ve only recently stumbled across – a spoof on the famous courtroom scene between Tom Cruise and Jack Nichloson in a ‘A Few Good Men’. Except this version is all about those creative warriors developing advertisements on the stand.

Gentlemen and Ladies – “You Can’t Handle a Bigger Logo!”

Never a truer thing has been said – the size of a logo really doesn’t sell  more product – but for mine, I really like the phrase about ‘rises and sleeps under the blanket of creativity’ … amen.

Gonna have to watch that last clip again so that we are prep’d up fr our next meeting with the big boy company procurement department. Should be a quick meeting… Hopefully they won’t have seen the first video. Those guys have no sense of humour.

Until next time – good event’ing people!

We wish your current or next corporate event is a sensational experience for guests and stakeholders alike.

That is on-budget,  that it mission critically achieves all your commercial objectives, and that it is compelling enough to be the source of much animated discussed around your clients and or staff’s  water cooler or over a mug of java the next day.

Good events translates ultimately into more sales and that can never be a bad thing.  Cha’ching!

Source Notes:

The Client Vendor Video is the product of the talented people at Scofield Editorial 

The Jack and Tom take on writing ad’s is from  Youtube posted by a huge handful of people… we’ve failed to find out who did this spoof so we can’t credit them, but if your out there, nice job!

 Happy Canada Day 1st July and Happy Independence Day on 4th July for our North American clients and pals.

Have some sherbet drinks on us.

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