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Special Event Talent – Sand Artists

Special Event Talent – Sand Artists

Occasionally we’ve been accused of sticking our heads firmly in it, fair call, sand that is, however we’ve also found ourselves playing with sand within an event context.

This has varied hugely from a series of sandpits for an interactive teambuilding dinosaur dig for a mining firm, to an onstage giant sand timer to help keep presenters on-time, to constructing a massive indoor beach populated with world class beach volleyball-ists and celebrities for the XBOX launch of “Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball”.

Lost Dinos, huge props that amuse us, and fabulously fit people jumping up and down in their swimmers. Sure. Someone’s gotta do it.

In recent times – we’ve witnessed a huge growth in the popularity of sand artists. This is especially the case with our clients within the Asian region. We’ve engaged a number of artists from China and Korea with good results and we thought we’d share this experience with you our dear most valued ‘Muse’ reader.

The following is a TV interview of a fellow by the name of Chuang Ming-ta who claims to be the first ethinic Chinese sand animator. Not sure about the claim, possible… there just seems to be a lot of people making similar claims, but in any case his work is excellent as illustrated by the clip below and the work he has done for the Taipei Zoo.

The thing we really like about sand artistry is that despite the production restrictions associated with it (low to nil lighting, the need for overhead cameras, big display screens etc) this somewhat passive performance technique can be, in the right event setting, sensational in overcoming cultural and language differences, that’s to say it has universal appeal, and never seems to fail in captivating an audiences attention.

It can also be applied effectively within other mediums.

We like what the cable channel Animal Planet has done with the highly regarded Hungarian artist Ferenc Cako in producing some really cool station identification spots. The clip below opens with the sped up version that went to air but is quickly followed by a slo-mo version which is just as cool. We really like the idea of this – a great look for corporate event session breaks or even presenter intros. Very cool. That goes into our battered moleskin book of event ideas!

This final clip of three is titled “Emotions” by the sand artist Illana Yahav who seems to have carved out a pretty good living producing sand artist performances for the events industry. When you view this clip you’ll understand why. Amazing. An artist we’d love to book when the all the stars align with the right program, right client, right design.

So we hope you enjoyed playing the in the digital sandpit with us and we wish you well in your current and future live event endeavors. Feel free to leave a comment, suggestions on other artists you’d recommend, click on the community page button with the purple people eaters at the top of the page and like us on Facebook or follow us randomly tweeting on twitter or if you have a specific commercial project brewing away and you’d like some really good live communication experts on the job – drop us an email via the contacts page. Hooroo! Happy eventing!

Source Notes: All videos are not surprisingly from Youtube.
Sadly we were unable to source the Chinese artist, Chuang Ming-ta. If you can help with this we’d be grateful.
However you can continue to enjoy the works of Ferenc Cako here along with the work of Illana Yahav over here.

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    The blog features a special talent for the people to watch, the sand artist. A must read and informative blog.

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