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Extraordinary Dance Act Delivered by Remote Kontrol

Extraordinary Dance Act Delivered by Remote Kontrol

Dance. Music and dancing are a fundamental part of the human condition we all share. We may not all be sensational at it but we all feel better doing it – alone and within a group. Not surprisingly when we gather the ‘tribe’ together for a meeting… an event… we’ve discovered that dance can be a really powerful and effective event tool in creating a sense of being in the ‘moment’ and shifting people on an emotional level – bring head and heart into play together.

So with that in mind – we are always on the look out for new and exciting acts – and this is certainly one of them. An extraordinary dance act delivered by Remote Kontrol. Enjoy and if you feel a need to hit ‘replay’ – that’s just fine… we did… a number of times.

Cool aren’t they?

We produce a heck of a lot of business event experiences for both corporate clients direct and also on behalf of some seriously major international event agencies as an expertise extension to their in-house team.

More often than not – there is a need for an opening performance that sets the scene and creates the vibe for the overall event. We do this sort of thing very very well. It is here that we’ll often employ a variety of different performance styles depending on the gig – the most common and most effective is dancers – they provide a greater degree of performance flexibility, are not limited by language barriers, and importantly can enhance and extend other more ‘set’ performances. Anyway… enough of the waffle, we gotta get back to producing another sensational event experience!


Source Notes: baddabing baddbang – it’s youtube

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