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Evolution of USA Music 1890-2009

Evolution of USA Music 1890-2009

When we go about creating a powerful event experience – we always reach out to our massive iTunes library to stoke the fires of inspiration. Music for us often drives the overal event approach either directly within the program itself or indirectly through lubricating our muse. Problem of course is that our music  references are kinda limited to what we have and what’s recommend to us… till now.

We came across this interesting project developed by Hayen Mill where the evolution of USA music from 1890-2009 was lovingly documented.

What a fabulous snapshot-styled musical journey.

Sure wee could bang on more about this but we thought the following comments from the project really resonated:

This video is intended to give a very light overview of the popular music hits, by year, in the USA, as recorded throughout history. Very few effects of time travel are known, but one of them includes the sensation that the tracks are getting shorter and shorter as we approach our day and age.All the pictures are intended to represent at least one of the original authors of the song WHEN it became a hit. Not always will the recording used match the described year (for obvious technological and quality reasons). Why the U.S.A. alone? Information about its pop history is more easily available and dates further back, as well as the availability of some of the original songs’ files.Accuracy? I can’t guarantee 100% authenticity from the period between 1890 to 1949, but I can guarantee the authencity from that period onwards.

RED FLAG: Before you hit the play button – please set aside some reasonable coffee quaffing or tea sipping time as this video runs just shy of 15 minutes. It doesn’t  feel like it and it’s a great musical journey but if it’s a quick peak your looking for… set this one aside for later.

Source Notes: This video sourced from the big vault that is youtube however the inspiration for the actual material was apparently drawn from Music Outfitters and Popularsong.org and Billboard 100. A complete LIST OF THE SONGS by year is available along with some analysis can be found here. The Billboard 100 reference link can also be found within this blog posting for those really interested. The snapshot graphic is courtesy of  subjectivemonkey.com

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