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Tips for Event Success – South China Morning Post

Tips for Event Success – South China Morning Post

Recently a ‘Tips for Event Success’ was contributed to the September MICE Biz supplement of the South China Morning Post – the premier English language newspaper of Hong Kong. And before we forget – a big shout out of thanks to FACTOR168 fan Pru at Sinclair Communications for the editorial opportunity. Your fab!

The Marketer - Digest for Advertising and Events, featuring FACTOR168 Creative Event Company

A strong live communications experience is driven by clear event marketing which is packaged and presented in a theatrical manner. This is where professional event agencies and studios play a critical role.

  • Identify the most important message you want to share with guests and focus all the event elements at each sensory level. This will ensure your message is communicated at an intellectual and emotional level.
  • Plenty of events have failed with ill-prepared presenters fumbling about on stage, while a black-clad production crew desperately try to second guess their intentions. The solution is to set aside a block of time, say two to three hours, for rehearsal time to see the event run through from start to finish. Care should be taken to physically rehearse presenters (and entertainment on stage with technology. The full complement of event production crew should be in attendance. No event has failed because it was rehearsed too much.

Darren Kerr, Partner and Producer of the FACTOR168 Creative Event Company

Source Notes:

The above published in the South China Morning Post. Strangely this September ‘MICE BIZ’ supplement it featured in is not available online… so the source material snapshot is below along with the Chinese character version alongside it.

South China Morning Post - Tips for Event Success by Darren Kerr, FACTOR168 Creative Event Company

Sensational Events through Powerful Experiences.

FACTOR168 Creative Event Company delivers creative, strategic, and tactical event management and event production services across Australia and throughout Asia.

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