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Not Dead… Just Hibernating

Not Dead… Just Hibernating

Some of our faithful readership have been emailing us wondering what’s go’in on… no musing on the muse for sometime. We’d like to apologise for that… we’ve kinda been preoccupied with contract work in Hong Kong and Shanghai and… well we’ve been tardy to say the least.

The good news is that we have been busy collecting all sorts of cool things and amazing event experiences to share with you and we’ll look at posting this into 2010 along with other things that take our fancy and we think you may take delight in.

And since I am the first to post in 2010 – here is a little randomness for you. A cool image of a brave Ewok warrior challenging the might and fury that is the gigantor Squirrel – all at grim and gritty pavement level. I can just see the SciFi and NatGeo channels launching themselves into a battle for event coverage of this epic battle.

Impressive and inspirational for sure and I think there’s is something in this for everyone.

Ewok Warriors take on Big Challenges

This image is courtesy of ‘powerpig’ who has some fabulously fun imagery on his flikr profile. Make your day and have a look at the photostream. Oh and it kinda goes without saying – LucasFilms owns the Ewok.

To all fellow Ewok Event Warriors – do not fear but embrace the esteemed Brotherhood of Squirrel and have a fabulous 2010!

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