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Nicks and Cuts on Creativity

Nicks and Cuts on Creativity

An old colleague was reading the International Herald Tribune this week, and was curious to read the report “Too much information? For a wired life, a rewired brain”.

The premise is that many of us have become addicted to technology and the immense amount of real-time data that comes with it, and there are some negative impacts from this including the fact that in practical terms heavy multi-taskers are failing to actually be as productive as we think we are light multitaskers.

It suggests that the reason for this increased dominance of technology in our daily life is in part because it plays to our primitive impulses to respond to immediate opportunities and threats… and that the end result is that satisfying this urge ‘inflicts nicks and cuts on creativity and deep thought, interrupting work and family life’.

A partner of one heavy multitasker commented “It seems like he can no longer be fully in the moment”.

IN the moment… to be honest, I kinda relate to this and I am wondering who out there also finds that technology can sometimes impact adversely on their creativity and productivity and relationships?

I guess we’ll never know while we have our eyes glued to our televisions, monitors, smartphones, gaming consoles, all things starting with a little i like ipad, and other electronic readers and so on.

Source Notes:

The full article by Matt Richtel can be found HERE.

The cartoon from those brilliant people at Joy of Tech.


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  1. Rosemary says:

    The irony is not lost on me with this post from Ed. It talks about the potential consequences of technology overload… only for Ross to follow it up with not one but two posts on Apple iPhone Apps haha – they say everything is about timing…
    Those posts can be found here – http://factor168.com/2010/best-iphone-apps-for-event-professionals/ and the follow up here – http://factor168.com/2010/more-best-iphone-apps-for-event-professionals/

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