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More Best iPhone Apps for Event Professionals

More Best iPhone Apps for Event Professionals

On a previous post we listed some of the really cool and handy Apps for iPhones that we reckon most Event Professionals would fine immensely helpful. Now it’s time for some creative fun…

Anyone working in events knows – it is a business of hurry hurry wait wait wait hurry hurry hurry oh dear lord hurry and… wait. It’s the nature of the beast.

Well the following Apps may help you to pass some time, refresh yourself and keep you focused, sharp and not bored. We present the top gaming and creativity apps for Event Professionals as certified by the FACTOR168 Creative Event Company crew.


Entertainment in the form of ‘games’ on smartphones is pretty optimistic when compared to the sensational experiences delivered by the consoles such as PS3 and XBOX360 but there are some games that have proven handy while sitting in a taxi, or at the airport, or even in the waiting room of a CEO who has incredibly poor time management skills (or is just plain rude). Settle…

Unlike other iPhone Apps, there is a wide scope of games sitting on phones but these four seemed to have rated highly with the team. Interestingly enough of the four only one is free – and two of them are in fact the most expensive Apps purchased.

Perhaps in terms of moneterizing smartphones there is something in this after all!

  • FaceFighter – The cool thing about this little game is that you can photograph a colleague (face straight on is best) and simple then place his or her face within your ‘foes’ face. Then proceed to kick and punch 8 different types of fluids out of them. Personally I haven’t felt compelled to change the face of one of our more annoying vendors for some time and at $1.99 has proven to be a bargain!
  • Bubblewrap – This really is what you think it is. Just sit back and pop bubble wrap to your heart’s content. Oh and it’s free… the only thing we’d recommend is to throw your phone to mute as the sound of popping will eventually turn someone in the office into a ball of fury… and talking of fury…

SF IV (StreetFighter) – This is game is an extension of that old classic from Capcom. You fight against one opponent after another in various ‘exotic’ scenes. It was advertised as having had a make ovr but I can’t see it.

Same characters, same scenes, and most of the controls and special moves are same same. For $9.99 it’s pretty overpriced but it does deliver on providing instant entertainment while commuting so whaddya’ want? The little angst ridden dialogue pieces in between challenges are pretty funny.

  • Real Racing – Of all the Apps, this is the second highest in cost – $4.99. Unlike SF IV it delivers and then some. I have to confess when I was shown this app I dismissed it as being kinda dumb for a smartphone but it actually really works in this medium. The nice thing is that if you have WiFi access, you can compete against others and yourself in leagues… kinda cool although at the end of the day it is a car racing around and around the same series of tracks. I suspect the love affair with this app will drop away quicker than others but until then vroom vroom!

Some kinda cool Creative Apps

  • Idea Stimulator – The Idea Stimulator was developed by a leading creative evangelist in Australia, Nigel Collin. A friend and fan of the FACTOR168 team. ┬áNigel started many many moons ago as an actor, found himself in demand as a corporate events master of ceremonies before attending The Disney Institute’s Organizational Creativity course (the same one that one of our founding partners Darren Kerr also attended), found the mouse, and from there developed some seriously effective, inspirational, and powerful creativity tools. This is the iPhone App version of one of his popular business management books and it works really well. And priced at $1.19, yeah I know it’s a kinda strange number, it is really great value from Australia’s guru of creativity and recent TED star.
  • Thought Leaders – This is super interesting… not sure as an App… but do check out their website.

Jac Bowie Burlesque – Despite the overt advertorial nature of this App, we just like it. This stylish lady is a smart cookie who has transformed herself from a flight attendant to the Queen of Burlesque in Australia and by all reports is in the process of taking over the world through her business endeavours. If nothing else, it serves as an interesting example of monetizing a business. And let’s face it… a little burlesque in a show is always good fun if it’s the right audience.

  • PhotoTropedelic – This is sheer indulgence and was a recommendation by a pal through a pal via Facebook (welcome to 2010!) and on a whim we purchased it and it’s turned out to be our all time top App. Priced at $1.99 it’s well priced and we recommend this to anyone who has a passion or even a passing aesthetic interest in POPart style of design. Some quick examples of what it can do are below…. cool huh?

Source Notes:

if you’d like to read the original Best iPhone Apps for Event Professionals – click HERE.

All these Apps can be found at iTunes and we are sorry to all the Blackberry and Nokia users… but it seems we are an iPhone business by individual choice.

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7 responses to “More Best iPhone Apps for Event Professionals”

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  2. Murray @ Midnight says:

    Interesting list of apps, some I’m going to have to download and try.

    For gaming, I’d add “Drop 7”. This is an incredibly addictive and challenging game, if you’re into a kinda-Tetris-but-sorta-Sudoku-but-not-really-either-of-them thing. Actually, it’s better than that description makes it out to be, and the nice thing about it is that it’s easy to dive into it, play it for a few minutes, dive out of it again, then next time you’ve got some moments to kill, start up from where you left off.

    Evernote is my other entertainment repository on the iPhone — not in and of itself, but I have a habit of storing interesting things in Evernote when I’m surfing on my PC, and it’s easy to pull them up and read them again via Evernote’s iPhone app.

    Again, thanks for the post, will investigate further.

    Murray @ Midnight

  3. FACTOR168 says:

    Will have to load up “Drop 7” and give it a run, thanks for the tip… strangely the ‘Stick Figure Kung-Fu Fighting’ game has also appealed to me but it’s not too much unlike the popping bubble game!

  4. Rosemary says:

    HI FACTOR’y fans and fellow web adventurers! Came across this website that specialized in iPhone apps for the event community – worth a look see and a possible future review me thinks. Check it – http://www.meetingapps.com

  5. Michael says:

    Came across a couple of other Apps that are dang handy – check these two sites out. I particularly think the sound metering one is worth it’s weight in gold for outdoor events with residential noise restrictions.


  6. Jack Velbee says:

    You may find this of interest – it’s a report in the Special Events magazine also detailing some Apps for special event professionals. The widescreen ‘Pano’ app certainly holds some appeal to me on site reccy’s.


  7. danielanthony says:

    The applications showcased in this post are mind blowing. A really cool and handy applications posted here.

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