"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."

- Henry David Thoreau
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FACTOR168 Creative Event Company is now featured on FACEBOOK. Yay!

FACTOR168 Creative Event Company is now featured on FACEBOOK. Yay!

Well guess it was inevitable really. Sure. We tried to hold back the social media tide…  and now we have gone and got all Facebookery… and to be frank it’s kinda fun in a techno-geeky way. We particularly like the polls application. Click click and tick!

We welcome our readers, fans, clients, and any web adventurers that happen to be googling (or yahoo’ing or  bing’ing) their way past to pop over to our Facebook fanpage by clicking HERE and having a look-see.

Oh and while your over there, it’d be appreciated if you click with great conviction the ‘LIKE’ button. It’s always nice to see who we are having a conversation with. Not mission critical but kinda nice.

Of course if Facebook ain’t your thing, keep on visiting the muse for your dose of randomness with all things that pique our interests as events and live communication professionals.

FACTOR168 Creative Event Company
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3 responses to “FACTOR168 Creative Event Company is now featured on FACEBOOK. Yay!”

  1. Jacinta says:

    Twitter – tick! Facebook- tick! Blog – tick! content …oh..dear. Actually just on that, anyone is free to contribute to any of these platforms, make a comment on the blog, retweet us on the twitter and on Facebook you can upload your own posts directly. Ka’ool! Find them all at our community page -just click the little dudes tile top right of this web page or go to http://www.factor168.com/community

  2. Jack Velbee says:

    yeah as far as facebook fanpages go this one rocks. like the fact that even though it has an event marketing focus, it’s like this blog where it is pretty broad in the things that interest. cool.

  3. Thrill Me says:

    Thanks for the feebdack Jack, please do drop by again. Love the Mouse by the way!

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