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EVENT TEAMS Should Eat More Fish

EVENT TEAMS Should Eat More Fish

As part of the collective new year’s resolution for the FACTOR168 EVENT TEAM going into 2010 is to eat more fish and in particular oily fish like our pal the Salmon. Insread – we are happily munching on Kit Kat chocolates… We blame ‘geezer’ movie star Jason Strathman.

His advertisements for this chocolate bar with the wafer innards really spoke to us… he engaged and his message resonated like all good branded experiences. And it was smart and funny in a very understated English way.

Check the video clip of his TVC to see exactly what we are banging on about and then brew up a nice cuppa english breakfast tea and crack a Kit Kat or two. Then take a deep breath and thank your lucky stars your not a burnt out single-goal-driven Salmon. Not so far anyway.

On a slightly more serious note, you should always try to feature more fish in your weekly diet. I’ve been reliably informed by the health food store lady that Omega 3’s (sadly not code for a super small Dennis Quaid looking spaceman travelling around in your body) found in fish oil is meant to be fabulous for your brains and your bloods and so on. Cool. Anything that gives us an improved edge on the design and delivery of great event experiences that is legal and good for the heart can’t be all bad.

It should be said however that while writing about this – I have not eaten any fish or taken any fish oil capsules. I have however managed to polish off yet another Kit Kat… and in fact on passing glance, it also looks like the little line drawing of the Salmon at the top of this post has also developed a hankering for Kit Kats. Oh dear.

OK from tomorrow it’s fish for lunch for the entire events team!

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2 responses to “EVENT TEAMS Should Eat More Fish”

  1. Jacinta says:

    Jason yummy, salmon yummy.

  2. Jack Velbee says:

    how’s that going?

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