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- A Modern Age Poet, possibly called Carl or Doc Stenson
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Event Team in Digital Hibernation

Event Team in Digital Hibernation

Yeah. We know. Everytime we hit the madness of December-January we drop off the virtual radar.

The previous year in our post Event Teams Should Eat More Fish we promised to eat more fish… and by that we really meant blog more regularly and…uhh… eat more…uhh fish. Well I am pleased to declare that we have eaten some fish in the past year… not alot but some and yet we are yet to manage our end of year AWOL problem.

So this year we as a group declare that we will eat some more fish and give some serious attenti0n to the issue of Dec-Jan. Any suggestions… that are legal and acceptable to general public mores will be entertained… dancing, flowers, a nice bottle of pinot noir.

In the meantime – we have a very interesting 2011 with lots of promise and hopefully some really great clients and gigs. First up is a roadshow for a Korean firm keen on sending us all to 3D and an incredibly challenging Fijian project being produced by founding partner and soon to be Director of Creative Events (Asia Pacific) for the MCI Group – Darren Kerr. Our loss their gain. Be kind to him.

Feed him espresso daily, Mexican food on Fridays, and try as best you can to not mention the ever growing crop circle at the crown of his head – he get’s thingy.

hee hee.

Darren recently returned to the FACTOR’ry mid last year and is currently wrapping up some projects with the team as he hopscotches between Istanbul, Hong Kong and Singapore. Good luck Dazza, Jacinta, Jackson, Ed and whatshisname!

Sadly we can’t actually disclose more details on these specific FACTOR168  Creative Event Company events  due to the hellishly restrictive non-disclosure arrnagements we accepted in return for a small wooden chest of gold coins. Turns out it’s a variety mix of Australian one and two dollar gold-ish coins but still… an impressive little chest it is.

oh and since we are entering the Deceember-January digital wastelands of the FACTOR’ry team posting much if at all – we wish all our valued clients, partners, peers, fans and the guys that visit us trying to sell cheap stuffed bears a very safe and let’s face it -sensational 2011. Woohoo!

Time to race off and work our tails off now like mad people however from a digital presence it may in fact resemble a pack of grizzly bears deep in hibernationzzzzz.


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FACTOR168 Creative Event Company delivers creative, strategic, and tactical event management and event production services across Australia and throughout Asia.


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