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Cougars fly Air NZ

Cougars fly Air NZ

Recently Air New Zealand found themselves in some hot water over an advertisement shot as a faux-nature documentary about Cougars and their younger prey. Some declared the advertisement was disgusting and degrading and promoted sexually predatory behaviour.

Almost everyone else, certainly all my peers,  saw it as witty and funny and just plain smart viral marketing in action.

What do you think?

Does this seriously promote and celebrate negative practices or is it yet another victim of political correctness run rampant… and do you think the makers of this clip kinda knew it would attract a consumer and media firestorm around it and banked on the upside of drawing more eyes to Air NZ as good thing regardless of how it is achieved.

* Just a quick clarification for those that have been living under a rock and don’t actually know what a ‘cougar’ refers to. It is often employed to describe a sexually active woman in her 40’s who are so desperate for affection and the pursuit of robust sexual encounters that they tend to target young often inexperienced men in bars and clubs.

And this is what this clip is sending up with tongue firmly planted in cheek. Cougars stalking their younger prey. Anyway enough of that – check out the video and be prepared to enjoy it… or be offended… or perhaps both in equal measure.

Look I am sorry but personally I thought that was just brilliant.

Is it PC? No of course not. Offensive? Not to me.

I can see similar on mainstream media during primetime. Just not as amusing.

The American ABC network is airing a popular show based on this very phenomena. With that in mind, I kinda figure the notion of “Cougars” has firmly sidestepped PCness and been accepted by mainstream community social mores.

The show is called ”Cougar Town” and stars the very cute blue-eyed brunette Courtney Cox, previously of ‘Friends’ fame’, as she stalks her younger toy-boyish prey. Check out episodes from the official website here.

Look in all seriousness I think Air NZ deserves a big gold star for cutting through all the competing media clutter with a storng dose of humour and has achieved their marketing objective of elevating their brand profile amongst social media savvy consumers at little cost and in doing so also produced a moment that can withstand repeated viewings.

Big tick to Air NZ. In fact in a very backhanded compliment manner – it is very ‘Virigin’ of them in many ways.

Some source credits –

The little postit image at the top of the post advertises a show from Donna Moore.

The clip is courtesy of Youtube (but I suspect Air Nz had a huge hand in it).

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3 responses to “Cougars fly Air NZ”

  1. Rosemary says:

    Not so sure what is so funny, this pretty much depicts me and my gals! LOL! On a serious point, this is a really good example of leveraging off current popculture trends and the fact that it was shot with tongue firmly in cheek (pardon the pun) makes it work so well!

  2. Ross says:

    Pity that no on-the-ground event activity supported this, missed opportunity or perhaps I just missed it.

  3. Jack Velbee says:

    fantastic clip. those kiwis are so funny…should have done a flight of the conchords tie-in!

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