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Boutonnière – The Blokes Corsage

Boutonnière – The Blokes Corsage

One thing that we find is very popular when producing business events throughout Asia is the popularity of the Boutonniere. The what? It’s French for a bloke’s corsage… usually a single flower or bud worn in the lapel buttonhole of a suite. The buttonhole that is the same side as the pocket handkerchief. The handkerchief? Think ‘Mad Men’. Yes the white square.

It’s a strange event fashion quirk the Boutonniere.

Classic Rose Boutonniere - FACTOR168 Creative Event CompanyYou usually only see these in the ‘West’ at weddings and perhaps school formals (proms). As a general rule they also tend towards the classic white carnation although red can also be considered.

Carnations mainly because they have the capacity to last a good part of the day without water, although roses or calla lily can also be employed along with some green dressing.

Tom Ford with a really big white flower - FACTOR168 Creative Event Company

There is something utterly dashing about a guy who can pull off a boutonnière: Exhibit A is menswear designer Tom Ford, who often wears a fresh gardenia in the lapel of his double-breasted tuxedo. Your husband will probably wear a navy or dark gray suit to those weddings, so consider a gardenia, a cluster of mini calla lilies or tiny dendrobium orchids. The best florist in town will have the most varieties to choose from. Talk it over a few weeks in advance so that the shop can reserve your choice.

Okay so they can be dashing but why is it that for award nights and formal gala dinners they are so popular within Asia? To be honest we are not exactly sure but from what we can determine, they signify in part those guests of stature. For example, when we produced the MIPIM Asia awards in Hong Kong, it was imperative that all the judges onstage were each allocated a bespoke Boutonniere.

What we do know for certain is that flower colour and type can carry some significant meanings that you really should be aware of within an event setting. Feel free to visit our four part series on the meaning of flowers – click for A-D, click for F-L, click for M-R, and click for S-Z. Apparently it’s not enough to just be pretty.

Allowing for this formal floral expectation, if it is at all possible, we always try to encourage our clients to consider more modern and adventurous versions of the male corsage. Good examples of this more contemporary approach are below. Sure. It’s not for everyone but it is certainly interesting.

Selection of Modern Boutonniere - FACTOR168 Creative Event Company

To achieve these sorts of ornate styles we strongly recommend you engage a professional florist or have your event services provider engage a florist on your behalf. These little things are not for the faint hearted.

Having said that, if you have developed a degree of self-hate or are just wired this way – then you can click a handy how-to here and kiss your sanity and your entire weekend away. You have however been warned.

In regards to all things medical, legal and floral -we leave it to the experts.

Source Notes:

The examples are from various parts of the world wide web. The standout one is from Betsy White Stationary Boutique.

The Peacock feather example is from Polkadot Groom. Teri Agins is quoted above from ‘What Flowers look best with Fashions’ which can be read here.

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7 responses to “Boutonnière – The Blokes Corsage”

  1. it’s amazing but this sense of formality has a really strong presence in events staged within Asia. I actually don’t mind it and it certainly makes it easier when calling a show to quickly id’ VIPs 🙂

  2. Ross Gung says:

    personally I like this little sense of formality. It brings a small tough of elegance to an event. I do suspect however that clients will either be really into it – or just not. Not much in-betweeners here.

  3. the peacock one is so pretty = I’d love to see a whole group of VIPs wearing these. Gorgeous! So many examples we could have used for this post but I just love the little nest with eggs and the fender guitar…

  4. Ross Gung says:

    I hear you Jacinta but it still smacks of wedding to me which is in itself okay but for an awards night? Really?

  5. Jackson Li says:

    there flowers right? On a lapel? Oh. Man. I’m gonna have to work up a techy post ’cause this is just getting too style-hq for me.

  6. oh come on! the peacock one is gorgeous!

  7. What is the classiest way to coordinate the groom & groomsmens black tuxedos? | girls wedding says:

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