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- Woodrow Wilson
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Best Corporate Events Blog

Best Corporate Events Blog

The Eventprofs Blog Awards are back for their 2nd year and celebrate our community and the thought-leaders who help to propel it forward. We are delighted to announce that FACTOR168 Creative Event Company, with the support of fans and supporters, was awarded the Event Industry Best Corporate Blog Award.

The #eventprofs Blog Awards were presented this year at Event Camp Twin Cities thanks toFreeman. The winners were announced LIVE by Lara McCulloch-Carter (@Ready2spark) on the 9th at 5:00 pm for event professionals all across the globe to see.

Winners Announced

> People’s Choice Award: This blog received the most overall votes of all votes submitted. Therefore, this blog is the people’s choice.

Winner: Liz King Events

> Best Thought Provoking Blog: This blog provides high quality, unique education that challenges the way you think.

Winner: Liz King Events

> Best Eye Candy Blog: A blog that is visually inspiring and pushes the limits of your creativity.

Winner: Design Dawgs

> Best Corporate Blog: A rockstar corporate blog that knows how to connect, converse and add value to its clients.


> Best Wedding Blog: Serving either brides or other wedding professionals, this blog represents the best the that wedding industry has to offer.

Winner: A Big To Do Event

> New Kid on the Blog: New on the scene, this blog is a force to be reckoned with – providing a new, unique and valuable perspective to the industry (to qualify for this category a blog must have been started in 2010).

Winner: Engage

> Best Industry Advancement Blog: Dedicated to propelling our industry forward, this blog is irreverent, provocative and challenges convention.

Winner: Velvet Chainsaw’s Midcourse Corrections

#Eventprofs Blog Awards 2010 - Best Corporate Blog for FACTOR168 Creative Event Company

Source Notes:

The above copy provided by Event Camp Twin Cities and a ‘live’ stream of the event can be replayed here.

For more FACTOR168 Creative Event Company ‘applause’ – check it here.

Sensational Events through Powerful Experiences.

FACTOR168 Creative Event Company delivers creative, strategic, and tactical event services throughout Australia and across Asia.

Event Management = www.factor168.com

10 responses to “Best Corporate Events Blog”

  1. Great effort guys and a big shout-out to Jacinta for her contributions and to Darren for not driving me crazy this week. well… crazy-er.

  2. Ross Gung says:

    the combination of supporters in HK and Oz couldn’t have hurt but I amazed that we won considering the quality of the other five finalists. Must be a lot of people reading the blog, just not commenting. Like good kids – seen but not heard LOL!

  3. pretty satisfying. I guess we all need to step up and start posting more serious strategic stuff or should we continue to amuse ourselves? Tell you what, I’ll stick with trawling youtube… well someone has to.

  4. Jackson Li says:

    recommend that if you can, set aside the time to check out the other websites and not just these winners but the nominees as well. some sensational and inspiring blogs out there for anyone interested in the events industry.

  5. Greg Harris says:

    well done everyone!

  6. Corporate Events NYC says:

    Best Corporate events site and the right blog for choosing the event companies.

  7. Amica Duo says:

    A fab blog for corporate event entertainers – Amica Duo are reading your blog tonight!

  8. Addison1 says:

    This is very encouraging, by the way I love the professionalism of your blog. I would love it if you can do some guest blogging or maybe I can guest blog for you?

  9. sbltaccess says:

    Nice collection of event companies. <a href=”http://www.sbltaccess.com”>SBLT</a>

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