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Australian Event Award FINALIST

Australian Event Award FINALIST

We are delighted to be named a Finalist in the Australian Event Awards for 2010. It is always nice to be recognised by one’s peers. Our two esteemed competitors for the ‘Best Export’ award are David Atkins Enterprises and Maxxam International. We reckon that we are keeping pretty good company with these two. 

The award of ‘Best Export’ is awarded to an individual or organisation that makes a notable contribution to the Australian events industry through activity in the global arena.

So who are our category ‘competitors’?

David Atkins is a legend in musical theatre who has since built a world class creative organisation that designs and deliver incredible theatrical spectaculars on the world stage. David and his team were behind the hugley popular opening and closing ceremonies for the Sydney Olympics 2000. They have since repeated this effort with the 15th Asia Games in Doha, Qatar, and again with this years Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, Canada. This year they also delivered the opening cermony for the Shanghai Expo. He’s personally been awarded the Gold Olympic Pin and the Order of Australia Medal. Yup. They are good.

Maxxam International won this same category in the awards inaugaral year for their efforts in ensuring the Olympic Torch Relay for the Beijing Olympics went off without a hitch. This year they are engaged again in what appears to be their speciality – another baton relay this time for the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Australian Event Awards 2010 Finalist - the award winning FACTOR168 Creative Event CompanyPretty impressive. Now… if we were the sort to place a wager – with Maxxam as the incumbent that would be a big call, so you’d have to say that David and his team would be odds-on favorites to take out this category. And seriously, why wouldn’t they? The standard and scope of their work in terms of public events is sensational.

And I guess this is the key distinction – Maxxam and David Atkins Enterprises work almost exclusively on public events.

We don’t.

We work almost exclusively within the corporate environment and certainly don’t consider ourselves as direct competitors with either organization. Public events are a very different animal. Although on some projects we’d be a perfect slot-in partner for them.

Will FACTOR168 Creative Event Company take out the award? Could this be a not-David (err pardon the pun) versus the Goliath(s) scenario? I guess at some deep level we’d like to think so but, and I know this is a bit cliched, we are just delighted to be finalists against an initial heavy field of nominations. To stand shoulder to shoulder with Maxxam and David Atkins Enterprises, yup… we are okay with that too.

The winner will be announced on the 7th October in Sydney.

A big thank you to the judging panel, the team, our supports and partners, and of course to our clients.

A little bit about the Australian Event Awards, courtesy of the blurb on their website,  for those that are curious:

The Australian Event Awards is the pinnacle awards program for the events industry in Australia.

The program is guided by ongoing industry consultation to answer the need for cohesiveness across the entire Australian industry, to develop industry identity and to assist Australian operators in cross-development of opportunities between events and event disciplines.

The program is all-inclusive, being open to all Australian events, event managers and support service providers regardless of:

  • event type or audience
  • event size or attendance
  • event location or association membership

It is the only opportunity for Australian events and event organisers to be acknowledged on a level playing field, across the entire national events industry. We welcome entries from all members of the events community in Australia.

Source Notes:

For a full listing of all 2010 finalists – click here.

FACTOR168 Creative Event Company delivers creative, strategic, and tactical event services throughout Australia and across Asia.

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2 responses to “Australian Event Award FINALIST”

  1. Darren Kerr says:

    Congratulations to David Atkins and his team for taking out the ‘Best Export’ category at the Australian Event Award with not one but two world class events – the Shanghai Expo Opening Ceremony and the Opening and Closing Ceremony of the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

    FACTOR168 Creative Event Company was the Runner-Up along with Maaxam International.

    David was also honored with a Lifetime Achievement gong – well done David, you and your team are an inspiration!

  2. A quick followup to the awards evening – the ‘Australia’s Favorite Event’ award went to the Bluesfest Byron Bay.

    This is a sensational iconic musical event and if you ever get a chance to go – do so.

    Their website is here http://www.bluesfest.com.au/news/detail.aspx?ArticleID=57

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