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Having Fun with 3D Door Stickers

Having Fun with 3D Door Stickers

Mister Midnight, a pal of FACTOR168 Creative Event Company, sent us a link to an outfit that is producing a ‘trompe-l’oeil’ styled wall and door stickers that provides a sensational 3D-ish effect. At first we were a tad skeptical but they are actually really cool.

We are already buzzing with the huge opportunities that these could present with an events and exhibition setting. Or for that matter – the office.

Here are just a few examples of these 3D sticker decales in use. We agree with Midnight, who on earth wouldn’t want to have a secret tunnel behind a bookcase leading up into a a secret laboratory, workshop or study. We would!

Come up to my lab and see what's on the slab! Oh dear... not another Rocky Horror themed event from FACTOR168 Cretaive Event Company... c'mon guys... move on already.FACTOR168 Creative Event Company presents an event down this corridor in the famed Eats Wing.

The online suppliers Couture Deco from the USA advise that they are washable, UV resistant, highly durable, and probably most importantly – fire resistant. Big ticks all round. The only thing that is not so great is that you apply them with regular wallpaper glue which in itself is not so bad except pretty much everyone here at our studio have had disastrous experiences at home doing this. Size? Pretty standard sizing however they can of course be adjusted for a specific spaces by simply trimming with scissors or a stanely knife. Apparently they are dead easy to remove.

Okay team -stop buying all these design books and then stashing them in our secret passageway. FACTOR168 Creative Event Company.Costs? At the time of this post – USD$279 plus shipping… so certainly not cheap and probably better suited to more permanent fitouts like cafe, restaurants, office spaces, and the home… but if budget does allow then from an event point of view – the results would be… as one of our younger staff members is want to declare – ‘well wicked’. Which we understand is a good thing. haha. hmm.

This company also produces other assorted decales that have really strong creative event usage possibilities. We are particularly excited with the ‘bird cage’ imagery. Kinda cool. We really like this Decale - huge amount of event application possibilities. FACTOR168 Creative Event CompanyAnd at USD$109 plus shipping, a little more manageable. Can also be applied to glass which is v.cool.

Source Notes:

These 3D stickers can be sourced from Couture Deco. And a special thank you to Midnight for the reference.

3 responses to “Having Fun with 3D Door Stickers”

  1. Ross Gung says:

    Love, just love the secret tunnel looks. This would be cool not only for events and specifically chillout zones but it’d be great for an office fitout… perhaps like ours once we settle down and stop being so virtual! Jus’sayin’

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  3. Ed YY Ng says:

    yeah I like it… but I’d be concerned about the cost when used for a one nighter on an event. And it might struggle on larger stage sets I think. But the actual concept would be well worth exploring further depending on the event.

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