“When tempted to fight fire with fire, remember that the Fire Department usually uses water.”

- Guru Gavin
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We’ve been Blogged and We liked it.

We’ve been Blogged and We liked it.

The highly regard editors of the web’s major blog directory blogged have reviewed our site and given us a very nice rating of ‘very good’ which is very pleasing considering how distracted we have been. Thank you blogfathers!

It is all very nice but really what we are more interested in is what you think ! So feel free to click on the blogged rating shield within this post and add your own review and or rating. I mean it’s the world wide web – be heard and share alike!

FACTOR168 | Muse at Blogged


….the image you ask? oh…no particular reason other than we like the picture and we like the idea of our site being like an old Vegas-styled roadhouse lounge that you can drop by at anytime with your frosted beverage, wonder why there is in fact no girls girls girls and enjoy our at some point during the day live blog service… rather than just visiting one of those huge multinational IP monoliths staking out all corners of google.

This post forms part of Ed’s world,. Welcome to FACTOR168 Muse.

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One response to “We’ve been Blogged and We liked it.”

  1. rosemary says:

    where one earth did you find that image? LOL

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