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The Two Headed Man

The Two Headed Man

We spend a huge amount of time scouting for talent anywhere and everywhere. Something fresh, original, something really entertaining that we can work effectively into a corporate event experience. The thing we have discovered about some entertainers is that they fail to market themselves well.

muratA good example is Jerome Murat, an Italian Mime. He is fabulous but virtually impossible to track down and book directly. We did but the exercise left us feeling like Indiana Jones and the Temple of Mimes. Was it worth it? Yes. Here’s why.

He’s unique. He connects and he engages with his audience completely.

He creates an emotional buzz.

About three years ago, Jerome performed on a European variety show and I understand won it. Pretty amazing for a mime and puppeteer… normally they are lynched or stoned well before they make it to a wider televised audience.

This particular performance has since become a global phenomenon, having featured on many appreciative websites around the world. Even though his performance has aged a little, it still impresses.

At the risk of presenting something ‘old as new again’ – we think his act is so good, so spellbinding and inventive, engaging and emotionally moving that it warrants an encore revisit.

Consider it a worthy lightning rod for further creative inspiration when your creative well starts to dry. A great act like this can make your event truly memorable.

We present for viewing pleasure – Jerome Murat as ‘The Two Headed Man’.

This videoclip courtesy of myspace video. Thanks Mr Murdoch.

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3 responses to “The Two Headed Man”

  1. rosemary says:

    no doubt an amazing act but I’m not sure how well it would be received as a live corporate event performance without the considerable aid of the live-to-screen camera coverage. so much of the detailed nuances would be lost without it. and this is the case with most staged event performances and why we always recommend OB (outside broadcast) coverage one vents to ensure optimum viewing by everyone.

  2. jacinta says:

    that music is so familar? Is it from “The Mission” soundtrack?

  3. ed says:

    I’m not normally one for mimes but this is top shelf.

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