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- John Cage
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Shake Your Pom Pom

Shake Your Pom Pom

It is funny some of the things you discover trawling through the internet. Pom Poms for example. We are producing an event, a sales kickoff for 2009-2010 and rather than having the audience applauding – each regional team will be presented with their own ‘team’ Pom Poms.

Now in Australia we do have some cheerleaders… from the top of my head you can find them at National Rugby League games (well the more successful teams anyhow) and possibly the National Basketball League… although I don’t know about the basketball anymore.

This season there are no teams representing two of the largest population centers in the country – Sydney and Brisbane. The other largest city, Melbourne, may not also enter a team. It’s fair to say that basketball in Australia may be following deadly dull Baseball as a failure of American sporting imperialism… still the League, Rugby Union, Football (aka Soccer) and of course Australian Rules are very healthy…

Anyway I digress… Pom Poms.

pompomI came across a Pom Pom supplier who provided very handy web tips for those not Pom Pom savvy. It addresses the big questions such as size, application & technique, the vexing issue of extra length.

It would seem that the jury is out on the question of length versus the inevitable ‘stringier look that comes with…umm extra lengthage. Personally I am firmly in the camp that believes it should be more about what you do with your Pom Poms than physical ‘pomery’ questions.

Unless of course we are discussing the aesthetics of colour color. So many to choose from and of course combinations – go a contrast or just have colored accents… perhaps a three color mix. Perhaps you prefer holographics…. ooh boy.

Some handy tips to takeaway from the site include –  consider your performance area, consider your uniform, consider future performances, consider choreography. Not unlike a basic showcraft checklist when designing a staged event performance.

So after I finished researching the web for Pom Poms… with so, so, so many pretty cheerleaders demonstrating their Pom Pom skills – I came across this little gem on Will Ferrell’s Funny or Die website. Love the fun energy and simplicity of it.

It is a seemingly Brady Bunch inspired homage by Jonathon Smith to Missy Elliott’s track “Shake Your Pom Pom”.

Not quick on the uptake – this clip required a second viewing before I realised that each face was performing a very specific audible signature within the song track. Brilliant.

An event idea being formulated ahead.

This would be a great format for a corporate video clip showcasing top business achievers at play. In fact a series of these 3×3 ‘Brady Bunch’ styled clips could be produced and played progressively throughout the program as conference ‘zingers’ – kicking off each program element of a conference.

A finale clip of the day or perhaps as a presentation at a closing gala dinner could feature a compile build of all the various event speakers, guests, various stakeholders – expanding on cue from 3×3 through to perhaps 12×12 or 32×32 layout. With the physical use of multiple projection/display screens, a really cool full room effect could be achieved.

We have found that these sort of video production techniques have proven not only to be effective in terms of creating a memorable shared experience, but can also effortlessly restate the key event message as well as providing for an additional sponsors profiling platform.

Oh and don’t forget to add Pom Poms! Interaction is powerful.

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2 responses to “Shake Your Pom Pom”

  1. ed says:

    great clip and your right Jackson – people love this sort of adult play and they like nothing better than getting than 15 minutes.

  2. Jack Velbee says:

    like it.

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