"What is now proved was once only imagined."

- William Blake
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Romantic Process of Creative Writing

Romantic Process of Creative Writing

I suspect the popularity of the yellow legal pad and the Moleskine is the seemingly romantic connotations they associate with the act of scribing, scribbling,  writing, and creating. True but I do draw the line at quills.

From the New Yorker online magazine comes an interview with writer John Hodgman. He provides an interesting insight into his own personal romanticism of the writing process featuring… you guessed it, the Moleskine.

moleskin.jpg Actual ideas come away from the desk, typically. While walking through the park or talking aloud in the shower. When water damage is not at issue, I will carry an actual Moleskine with me, because they are very handy, with their nice stiff backs, and I am a cliché.

Then I go to the desk and do what all writers do: get stupid, and attempt to transcribe those brilliant radio transmissions they received at one point but now can barely remember.

Occasionally, through this process of tricking oneself into just typing words, the radio transmissions will start again, and will align with the typing, and that is the best feeling in the world.

Moleskines as Functional Art.

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