"To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk."

- Thomas A Edison
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Psychedelic ‘Mashed’ Jazz

Psychedelic ‘Mashed’ Jazz

From the huge swag of online services we subscribe, occasionally a brilliant gem is thrown up. This is one of them courtesy of Today’s Big Thing. Good fun and very cool…

This video ‘mash’* has creatively cut together a number of period Jazz musicians together and married them to a funky psychedelic soundtrack. The results are great. Love it.

This sense of taking the old and reinventing with a fresh new take is very liberating and can be applied to all sorts of things. Reinvent a product or a service, perhaps a business process or even a brand identity – I suspect most things could do with a thorough ‘mashing’ from time to time.

A great ‘mash’ opportunity is the much loved and anticipated ‘happy-faces’ event video clips we are often asked to produce and run at the conclusion of incentive styled events. A ‘mashed’ approach could work really well here. But of course like most things, be mindful not to over do it as the impact of this stylized effect can be lost or become…well… annoying.

* This videoclip is apparently called a ‘mashup’.
I wasn’t sure what this was but have been reliably informed it is a technique where as number of different data sources are are brought together to produce an integrated result that was not the original reason for producing the raw source data.
Ummm okay… so ‘mashing’ is where a collection of video images are edited together as a running montage to a cool soundtrack…. new words old meanings. Man do I feel old.
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Note: Oh. That’s kinda dissappointing. It appears the video clip above has been pulled at Today’s Next Big Thing… sorry about that. But have no fear – the mashup project below is also pretty cool – from producer Kutiman. 

3 responses to “Psychedelic ‘Mashed’ Jazz”

  1. Greg says:

    this is fabulous, gotta work this into a show soon.

  2. michael says:

    this clips is fabulous.

  3. Jack Velbee says:

    ok this is just wicked cool!

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