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My DJ Resolves it… apparently

My DJ Resolves it… apparently

The final posting regarding Virgin Mobiles Right Music Wrongs campaign… Jason Bourne promises.

In addition to the to-camera confession and apology made by Vanilla Ice (posted here)we have also come across a number of other clips that were employed in the developing storyline for this campaign. We thought we’d share them with you.

The first documents Mr Ice wandering the streets of Florida… I suspect it may in fact be Fort Lauderdale rather than Miami as he lives there… just a bit of trivia. Could be handy in the future. Or not. Look this clip is a bit soft but I guess it gets the point across and helps build momentum.

The second better clip is a compile of Mr Ice seemingly ringing people randomly out of a telephone directly and apologizing to them… although some unkind people have suggested that he was just calling all twenty odd genuine fans.  This is not true people. Vanilla Ice has many a fan… and some have telephones.  Actually I like this one of the two as it seems less staged even though it clearly is.

We’ve employed a similar technique of story building with a number of different ‘developing’ clips as event invitation teasers and as a featured developing story revealed throughout an event run itself. This technique is very effective in providing a recognizable thematic thread to an event. It is effective in restating an events core messaging, and in turn proves effective in building on a shared event memory and ongoing event experience well after the event proper has concluded .

bourneidentity FACTOR168 recently employed with great success this technique with a ‘Jason Bourne’ theme for an overseas telecommunications company event series. The story documented a ‘teleco operative’ in search of his organizational identity within a harsh and unforgiving competitive world.

Atmospheric, layered, and entertaining. The story featured an ensemble cast of professional actors, industry ‘star’ cameos, and host organizational identities.

For a greater 360 degree immersive event experience, this strong tie-in theme was employed within the digital and print invitations, themeing the event environment and catering, featured within to-screen support material, soundtracks and musical stings, speaker programming, registration process, room drops and gifts, and satellite social events. The end result was an enhanced attendee participation and 100% post event messaging recall.

And finally… so as to wrap up this commentary on what was in our considered opinion a brilliant event marketing campaign by Virgin Mobile, and disturbingly now seems to have evolved into a creepy fan inspired homage to Vanilla Ice – here is an interview between one of those cookie cutter entertainment reporters apparently living ‘backstage’ and the Iceman.He talks about his career and a forthcoming televised celebrity rodeo (what the heck? Yup <sigh> only in America I guess).

Oh and look out for his freestyle rapping at the conclusion of the interview which just goes to prove that investing wisely is a very very good thing to do. Which got me to wondering how much money if any did he really get from this record… I recall a story about him being forced to sign away all royalties to Suge Knight or be tossed out a window… anyway…

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4 responses to “My DJ Resolves it… apparently”

  1. jackson says:

    Celebrity Rodeo? Basically if you want to turn your special event into an instant media event – just add two cups of ‘celebrity’. On that, I was mystified on how Lindsay Lohan and the blonde girl form the first ‘American Pie’ movie, Tara Reid could continue to afford their lifestyles when they really haven’t featured in any significant movies or tv shows for a very very long time. They are the ‘add celebrities’ – garnishing a nice wedge of cash for appearances at events.

  2. michael says:

    the Bourne event was really good and very memorable,when you get the time Ed – more on themed events and incentives please

  3. rosemary says:

    well the Americans don’t seem to have an exclusive hold on whacking celebrities into any sort of sport to garner television coverage. Two weeks ago I watched a celebrity stacked netball game… way too many blokes playing netball for my liking, and last weekend the Aussie Rules guys staged another celebrity slash legends match. Red cards all round!

  4. greg says:

    i’m sorry that he’s sorry. i loved the Ice – word to ma mutha!

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