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Moulin Rouge Events reluctantly evolve into ‘le Windmill de Rouge’.

Moulin Rouge Events reluctantly evolve into ‘le Windmill de Rouge’.

Many years ago the Academy Awards organization was extremely aggressive with the events industry in protecting it’s image and specifically that of the Oscar figurine. So much so that on several occasions their protective commercial instincts progressed from lawyer letters to court.

Now of course we still have ‘film award’ nights, we are just mindful of not replicating the golden Oscar, and I suspect with the recent legla efforts surrounding the notion of the Moulin Rouge, we’ll all continue to stage fabulous Moulin Rouge inspired events… we’ll just call them… oh I don’t know – the ‘French Cancan’, perhaps ‘Paris: City of Lights’ or as the Hear and Say Centre event organizer has done -simply rebranding a ‘Moulin Rouge’ event into a “le Windmill de Rouge”


Okay I get that there is always something to be gained from unexpected publicity but it seems to be a tad… petulant… to state it is NOT ‘Moulin Rouge’ while still overtly leveraging off the ‘brand’ name in any case…

And employing the likeness of Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, even slightly blurred… umm could this be a case of swapping one set of lawyers for another set. They do love sending letters out people. That said, I suspect they are safe, Nic and Ewan wouldn’t see much upside to lawyering up against a local charity. Bad business.

Still – good to see Thiess continued involvement despite these grim economic times.

This construction and development company is is an extremely well regard corporate citizen so it is nice to see them actively throwing their considerable support behind a worthy charity.

On a sidenote, as we are want to do from time to time – if your interested in the history of the Cancan then I recommend a quick visit to this site where we sourced the wonderful image of the three dancing girls.

And now for a wonderful video shot in 1943 showcasing the Cancan in action. Magnific!

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