"Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way."

- Booker T. Washington
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Grandma’s Couch

Grandma’s Couch

Business mediocrity is like my grandma’s couch. Functional but dated and a little… well worn.

Sure, it’s comfortable, safe and I guess perfectly acceptable but eventually the aged but much loved couch starts to lose its sense of value.

If neglected, one invariably starts to consider other more appealing couches that offer more than just a functional legacy. Perhaps a more appealing, more contemporary, better conditioned couch that better fits our lifestyle and needs just that little bit better.

In our opinion, pretty much all businesses over time evolve into my Grandma’s couch.

And they keep evolving if neglected straight from the living room to the garage and in turn to the refuse tip weighted down by all the other items that had lost their appeal.

Of course this can be avoided by applying the mantra; you know the one – embrace change and evolve. Armed with this outlook, a collection of great ideas, and most importantly a sense of personal and organizational courage – you can re-envision Grandma’s couch. Revitalise and refresh it by considering where and how it could be better employed into the future, perhaps refurb it or better still apply a styling makeover.

The thing is, even with courage, the application of great ideas can be challenging. It is the nature of great ideas that they can be demanding. Ideas can be pushy and hard work but that’s kinda why they are so powerful and energizing for everyone involved.

Okay so perhaps your Grandma’s couch may not evolve into something way cool. Like a clunky Sony cassette walkman into an intuitive stylish Apple iPod or a telephone handset morphing into a next to no cost communication experience via Skype – but it might very well become the very best and most appealing couch around. Couch couture.

Let’s face it – we all like to sit down. If it means sitting down with a couch (or business) we already have a pre-existing relationship with or with a new impersonal one that doesn’t yet quite mould to our preferences for… well sitting – then I for one will take Grandma’s facelift couch every time.  Same with like-minded businesses who keep their appeal with great ideas.

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