"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."

- Henry David Thoreau
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Cool Functional Art

Cool Functional Art

Yeah I am a fan of the Moleskine, without question or hesitation. I’ve fully romanticized theĀ  writing process. And I know I have because what really rings my proverbial bell is the prospect of my Moleskines as functional art.

I’ve found them to be tremendously helpful and it helps with my transmissions from my imagination to paper. I am also pragmatic as I identify each closed black matt book with white marker paint down the spines. Adding to my growing library of musings. Happy and content.

That was until I came across a Moleskine that fuses the functional with the artistic.

Check out the following covers commissioned and sold online by Modofly.

Moleskines as functional art. Very cool. Must have cool.

…but so far I have been paralyzed in my add-to-cart action by the sheer glorious range of choices on offer but my personal shortlist is featured below.

Bait_large Mars_Monkey_large New_Future_large New_Bear_Print_large Clockwork_Birds_large Your_Eyes_Look_Tasty_large Enlist_large Mr_Giraffe_large Aerostat_Navy_1_large Firefly_large Zepher_large GoFish_copy_large


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  1. Jack Velbee says:

    love the giraffe one.

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