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Cashed Up Hello Kitty

Cashed Up Hello Kitty

Following on from the recent post about Cockney prompting ATM cash machines in East London – we bring direct to you from the Land of the Rising Sun – the ‘Hello Kitty’ ATM. In all of its Pink glory.

Well certainly the Japanese know all about this and the legion of ‘Hello Kitty’ fans but I have just made the discovery that needs immediate sharing!

Branding juggernaut ‘Hello Kitty’ as part of its ever expanding toy and apparel line now features… ( cue dramatic drum roll followed by snare) …yes you guessed it – an ATM and a cash card for all the little ones to use.


Good to get them young I always say. Now young’uns can sit around and take turns taking money out of baby ATMs until they are all overdrawn. <sigh> Yay.

When I was a kid I played with frogs.
And tagged along at a respectful distance with my sister and her pals as they went from house to house indulging in various arts and crafts. And played ball.
No ATMs for me… okay they weren’t invented back then but you get what I mean.

Kids should be allowed to enjoy a childhood free of adult preoccupations.
That comes soon enough.

Yes that’s right, I am having a little soap box moment here. You got me cold.
I am not personally a fan of overtly commercializing childhoods – but extending off Darren’s recent post about branded transactional experiences – this would have to be a prime example of a branded transactional experience in the extreme. Oddly enough – if we were talking about a ‘Hello Kitty’ branded Visa or Mastercard I’d be very okay with that. In fact that sounds kinda cool – if you need the credit and are a fan.

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  1. Jack Velbee says:

    the popculture of japan is just so strange

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