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The Meaning of Flowers (M-R)

The Meaning of Flowers (M-R)

The third installment of our wonderful world of flowers. M through to R.

We like Nasturtium, we just find it hard to pronounce. And rosebud is a gem as a flower, even Citizen Kane loved it… the flower and as a decorative finish on snow sleds.
Magnolia Nobility
Marigold                    Cruelty; Grief; Jealousy
Mistletoe                   Kiss me; Affection; To Surmount Difficulties;Sacred Plant of India
Monkshood               Beware; A Deadly Foe is Near
Moss                         Maternal Love; Charity
Myrtle                        Love; Hebrew Emblem of Marriage

Narcissus Egotism; Formality; Stay as Sweet as You Are

Nasturtium                Conquest; Victory in Battle
Oleander Caution
Orange Blossom         Innocence; Eternal Love; Marriage and Fruitfulness
Orange Mock              Deceit
Orchid                        Love; Beauty; Refinement; Beautiful Lady; Chinese Symbol for Many Children
Orchid, Cattleya         Mature Charm
Paeonia Bashful
Palm leaves               Victory and Success
Peony                        Shame; Happy Life; Happy Marriage
Petunia                      Resentment; Anger; Your Presence Sooths Me
Phlox                         A good partnership; harmony
Pine                           Hope; Pity
Poppy, Oriental         Silence is golden
Poppy, Red                Consolation; Pleasure
Poppy, Scarlet           Extravagance
Poppy, White             Tranquility; Consolation
Poppy, General          Eternal Sleep; Oblivion; Imagination
Poppy, Yellow           Wealth; Success
Primrose                   I Can’t Live Without You
Primrose, Evening     Inconstancy
Ranunculus You are very attractive
Rose, Black                You are my obsession
Rose, Champagne      You are tender & loving
Rose, Leonidas          Sweet love
Rose, Nicole              You are graceful & elegant; aristocratic
Rose, Orange             You are my secret love
Rose, Pink                  Brilliant Complexion; the glow of your smile; Perfect Happiness; Please Believe Me
Rose, Red                   Passionate love; Love; I Love You
Rose, Single Stems     Simplicity
Rose, White                I am worthy of you; spiritual love; Innocence and Purity; I am Worthy of You;
Rose, White & Red      We are not separable; unity
Rose, White & Red Mixed    Unity; Flower Emblem of England
Rose, White-Dried     Death is Preferable to Loss of Virtue
Rose, Yellow              I am not worthy of your love; Decrease of Love; Jealousy; Try to Care
Rose, Bridal               Happy Love
Rose, Dark Crimson  Mourning
Rose, Hibiscus          Delicate Beauty
Rose, Leaf                 You May Hope
Rose, Tea                  I’ll Remember Always
Rose, Thornless        Love at First Sight
Roses, Bouquet of Mature Blooms    Gratitude
Roses, Single Full Bloom    I Love You; I Still Love You
Rosebud                   Beauty and Youth; A Heart Innocent of Love
Rosebud, Red           Pure and Lovely
Rosebud, White        Girlhood
Rosebud, Moss        Confessions of Love

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